Bed & Breakfast Policies

The ambiance at our bed and breakfast is warm, friendly and welcoming. Our promise is to provide guests a unique and enjoyable Cape Cod experience. To that end, we have created these policies to help us provide consistent service, to be a good neighbor and remain a viable business. We urge you to review our policies prior to making your reservations so that we might avoid any surprises at check-in.
Bed & Breakfast Policies | Captain David Kelley House, Centerville, MA

Minimum stay requirements

A two-night minimum stay applies during high season (May 1-Columbus Day). Please call for one-night availability. We may be able to accommodate your one-night stay if we have an opening. 



A 50% deposit is taken for stays of three nights or more. For two-night stays or less, a 100% deposit is collected at the time of booking. Lodging tax is 11.7%, plus the Cape Cod Water Treatment tax is 2.75%. We accept MasterCard, VISA and American Express. Deposits will not be refunded for failure to arrive, arrival after confirmed arrival date, or premature departure.


Balance payment

Balance will be charged to your card 14 days prior to arrival; a new confirmation will be emailed to you.


Cancellation policy

As a small business, cancellations affect us greatly. When a deposit is made, your room(s) is/are guaranteed for the entire stay, and guests are responsible for the entire balance of nights reserved. Cancellation received 15 or more calendar days (30 or more calendar days for stays of 7 nights or more, or when reserving multiple rooms) prior to your reserved arrival date will be refunded in full, less a $45.00 processing fee. For cancellations made less than 15 days in advance (or 30 days as noted above), refunds are subject to the re-rental of the accommodations.

Reservations booked through an online travel partner are non-refundable. Booking directly with us through our website or by phone will offer you the previously noted cancellation and refund options.

We highly recommend purchasing travel insurance to cover last-minute cancellation expenses.



Convenient free on-street parking is directly in front of CDK House. Limited off-street parking is available across the street from CDK House.



Guests are invited to check-in daily between the hours of 3:00 and 6:00 pmLater arrivals are accommodated – let us know if you’ll be arriving after 6:00 p.m. and we’ll place your keys and directions to your room in the main entry.

We cannot accommodate early arrivals, as staff is busy cleaning and preparing guestrooms. If you anticipate a late arrival please call 24 hours ahead to make special arrangements.



Guests will receive house and guestroom keys when they register at check-in.



A three-course breakfast with our famous “Scone Wars” is served daily. Seating times are at 8:00, 8:30 and 9:00am.



Checkout is before 11:00 am.  This is necessary to prepare rooms for incoming guests.  No exceptions; please plan accordingly. A $50.00 late checkout fee will apply for checkouts past 11:15 am. Checkouts past noon will be charged for an additional night.



Please alert your hosts to all food allergies, sensitivities and dietary restrictions when placing your reservation.


Bath linens

The CDK House is environmentally friendly and committed to minimizing its carbon footprint.  If you choose to use your bath linens for more than one day, please hang them on the towel rack. If you would like fresh linens, please leave used linens on the bathroom floor. 


Quiet hours

Quiet hours are between 10:30 pm and 8:00 am daily.  This applies to all common areas: living- dining room, porches, deck and grounds.

Use of common areas is intended for the enjoyment and comfort of all our guests. 



The CDK House seeks to provide a quiet, restful, and romantic environment best suited for adults. However, accommodations are available for well behaved children 10 and older.  We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.



Out of courtesy to our guests with allergies, we can not accommodate pets. No exceptions.



Smoking is not allowed anywhere inside the house or grounds, including e-cigarettes.

Candles and/or incense:  No candle, incense or open flame of any kind is allowed in this circa 1835 wood structure.



The CDK House provides complimentary high-speed wireless internet access throughout the House.  Just ask for the day’s password.



The CDK House is a charming historical structure with older plumbing.  Please use guest room waste baskets; please flush only toilet tissue. 


Common refrigerators

Two small refrigerators are available for guest use.  Please be courteous and thoughtful of your fellow houseguests.  Your cooperation is much appreciated.


Wedding parties

As a precaution, reservations for wedding parties necessitate our collecting a $700 deposit to cover potential property damage above and beyond normal wear and tear.  This damage deposit is payable by check no less than 30 days prior to arrival.  This is in addition to the 50% room reservation deposit and is refundable within 14 calendar days following the wedding party’s departure.  Assessment and repair of damaged oriental carpets or antiques may delay your refund.  If this should happen, you will be notified by email.  It is not our intent to profit from this policy, only to protect our investment in the Captain David Kelley House.

ADA Website Compliance | Captain David Kelley House, Centerville, MA

ADA Website Compliance

Our goal is to provide a wonderful experience in the desirable location of Centerville, MA. We have built our site with ADA compliance in mind and have utilized available tools such as Google Chrome’s ADA compatibility diagnostic tools. Please be aware that our efforts are ongoing. If you have difficulty navigating our website, we ask you to contact us via telephone or email and our helpful staff will be happy to assist you.

Captain David Kelley House Bed & Breakfast
539 Main Street
Centerville, MA 02632



We work very hard to provide an easy-to-use online experience for all guests. We believe all of our website visitors should be able to easily research on our website regardless of device type and whether an individual requires assistive technology like a screen reader or font magnification. Our property has no accessible features. If you have any questions or would like to report any issues related to the accessibility features of our property’s website, please contact us at 508-775-4707.

Bed and Breakfast Website Accessibility Features


Navigation Shortcuts

Our inn’s website can be navigated by using the tab key to traverse the elements of each page and by using the enter key to activate a highlighted link.

Structured, Semantic Markup

HTML heading tags are used to convey the document structure. Navigation menus are tagged as HTML maps so that the menu title can be read out, and the menu items are presented as a group.

Images Visibility

All content images include descriptive ALT attributes and all purely decorative graphics include null ALT attributes.

Standards Compliance

The site is designed to conform to Level AA compliance as specified by the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. All pages validate as XHTML 1.0 and use structured semantic markup.

Bed and Breakfast Accessibility Features

Our Inn has no accessible rooms or features on the property. If you have any questions regarding the physical features of the inn, please call.

Accessibility References


Accessibility Software and Services

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Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy, Terms & Conditions

The Captain David Kelley House Privacy Statement


  • User privacy and data protection are a necessity and our duty
  • We have the duty of protecting personal data
  • Data is a liability, it should only be collected and processed when absolutely necessary
  • We dislike spam as much as you do!
  • We will never sell, rent or distribute your personal data
  • We will not make your personal information public without your consent. Your personal information (name) will be made public only if you wish to make a comment or review on the website.


Along with our business and internal computer systems, our website is designed to comply with the following national and international legislation with regards to data protection and user privacy:


Below is a description of what information is collected and reasons for collecting it. The categories of information collected are as follows:

    Like most websites, this site uses Google Analytics (GA) to track user interaction. We use this data to determine the number of people using our site, to better understand how they find and use our web pages and to track their journey through the website.
    Although GA records data such as your geographical location, device, internet browser and operating system, none of this information personally identifies you to us. GA also records your computer’s IP address, which could be used to personally identify you, but Google does not grant us access to this. We consider Google to be a third-party data processor. GA makes use of cookies, details of which can be found on Google’s developer guides. Our website uses the analytics.js implementation of GA. Disabling cookies on your internet browser will stop GA from tracking any part of your visit to pages within this website.
    In addition to Google Analytics, this website may collect information (held in the public domain) attributed to the IP address of the computer or device that is being used to access it.
    Should you choose to add a comment or review on our site, the name and email address you enter with your comment will be saved to this website’s database, along with your computer’s IP address and the time and date that you submitted the comment. This information is only used to identify you as a contributor to the comment section of the respective blog post and is not passed on to any of the third-party data processors detailed below.
    Your comments and the associated personal data will remain on this site until we see fit to either
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  • NOTE: You should avoid entering personally identifiable information to the actual comment field of any blog post comments that you submit on this website.
    If you choose to subscribe to our email newsletter or submit a form on our website, the email address that you submit to us will be forwarded to a third-party marketing platform service company. Your email address will remain within their database for as long as we continue to use the third-party marketing company’s services for the sole purpose of email marketing or until you specifically request removal from the list.
    You can do this by unsubscribing using the unsubscribe links contained in any email newsletters that we send you or by requesting removal via email. When requesting removal via email, please send your email to us using the email account that is subscribed to the mailing list.
    Listed below are the pieces of information that we may collect as part of servicing requests on our website:
    • Name
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  • We do not sell your personal information to third parties. We may share a limited amount of data with listed Third-Party data processors only towards servicing your requests or improving our offering.
    We only receive an email when a user mails us using an email link. There are no third-party data processors or intermediaries involved.
    The data is collated into an email and sent to us over the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP). Our SMTP servers are protected by TLS (sometimes known as SSL) meaning that the email content is encrypted before being sent across the internet. The email content is then decrypted by our local computers and devices.
    As part of the Revenue Recovery model, we work with re-marketing service companies to send notification messages if you have abandoned your cart without making a purchase. This is for the sole purpose of reminding customers to complete the purchase if they wish to. The re-marketing service companies do a real-time capture of your email ID and cookies to send an email invite to complete the transaction if the customer abandons the cart. However, the email ID of the customer is deleted from their database as soon as the purchase is complete.
    We do not sell personal information of our customers or of minors below the age of 16 years to third-party data collectors and hence the “Do not sell my data” opt-out button is optional on our website. Reiterating, we may collect your data for the sole purpose of completing a service request or for marketing communications. If you wish to access or erase your personal information, you can do so by submitting your details here.
    If you are under 16 years of age you MUST obtain parental consent before:
    • Submitting a form
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    Should you wish to view or delete your personal information, please email us here with the email address used, your name and deletion request. Alternatively, you can fill out the form at the bottom of this page to view and/or delete your data stored with us


We use a number of third parties to process personal data on our behalf. These third parties have been carefully chosen and all of them comply with the legislation set out in section above. If you request for your Personal information to be deleted with us, the request will also be forwarded to the parties below:


This policy covers the use of cookies and other technologies. The types of cookies we use fall into 3 categories:

    These are vital for the running of our services on our websites and apps. Without the use of these cookies parts of our websites would not function. For example, session cookies allow a navigation experience that is consistent and optimal to the user’s network speed and choice of device.
    These collect information about your use of our websites and apps and enable us to improve the way it works. For example, analytics cookies show us which are the most frequently visited pages. They also help identify any difficulties you have accessing our services, so we can fix any problems. Additionally, these cookies allow us to see overall patterns of usage at an aggregated level.
    We use these types of technologies to provide advertisements that are more relevant to your interests. This can be done by delivering online advertising based on your previous web browsing activity. Cookies are placed on your browser which will store details of websites you have visited. Advertising based on what you have been looking at is then displayed to you when you visit websites that use the same advertising networks.
    We may also use cookies and similar technologies to provide you with advertisements based on your location, offers you click on, and other similar interactions with our websites and apps.


We will report any unlawful data breach of this website’s database or the database(s) of any of our third party data processors to any and all relevant persons and authorities within 72 hours of the breach if it is apparent that personal data stored in an identifiable manner has been stolen.


This privacy policy may change from time to time to conform with legislation and/or industry developments. We will not explicitly inform our clients or website users of these changes. Instead, we recommend that you check this page occasionally for any policy changes.